The Pink Vaccine

A portion of this page is shared from http://pinkvaccine.wordpress.com/, champions of the Pink Vaccine, as we join forces in getting the word out.  Please visit the website. Take a look, get involved, help our sisters, wives and children from getting this disease.  End breast cancer now.

The Champions of the Pink Vaccine welcome you to a grassroots revolution to get the world’s first preventive breast cancer vaccine to clinical trial.

Great News!!!

Have you seen the press release that announces how the Pink Vaccine will move toward Phase I clinical trials? You can see a copy on the Breast Health and Healing blog!

“Can’t Stop-Won’t-Stop” Brandon Scott Perry as he won’t stop until Dr Tuohy changes the world with this first ever breast cancer vaccine. Brandon Scott Perry and Dr Vincent Tuohy were in Newport Kentucky on June 22nd, and helped make this happen.   Play the video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3Z4fberqA0


Comprised of four breast cancer survivors and one breast cancer surgeon, our grass-roots effort is dedicated to promoting public awareness and funding so that a promising preventive breast cancer vaccine can finally be tested in human clinical trials with hopes of eradicating the disease of breast cancer.

We dedicate ourselves to educating women about the existence of the world’s first preventive breast cancer vaccine, developed at the Cleveland Clinic, doing everything we can to make sure it receives the funding it needs to begin clinical trials in women.


The Pink Vaccine,  developed by Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic and was found to be 100% effective in preventing breast cancer in mice.  Even mice bred for a high incidence of breast cancer failed to develop it when the vaccine was administered.  Furthermore, researchers found that mice already infected with breast cancer saw a marked reduction in tumors after being given this vaccine.  It’s ready for clinical trials in humans. Photo: Dr Tuohy’s research team at the Cleveland Clinic with Judy Fitzgerald, Elyn Jacobs and Toni Turchi( missing but not to be overlooked are the incredible and dedicated Dr Kathleen Ruddy and Cindy Sullivan)

Please view this informative Video


Breast cancer and its current treatment options are an assault on women from all fronts; emotional, physical and monetary. Patients feel a loss of identity and most often suffer with the side effects of their treatments for the rest of their lives. Researchers project that the Pink Vaccine will eliminate breast cancer for as high as 95% of women.


In order to get the Pink Vaccine to Clinical Trial we need to raise approximately $6 Million.  In the estimated $30 Billion spent on breast cancer every year in the U.S., $6 Million seems like the proverbial drop in the bucket.  Breast cancer is a big territorial business steeped in politics and greed.  Sadly, it’s not in the best interest of corporate America to prevent this costly disease.  What humane or compassionate individual, foundation or corporation would withhold funding?   Follow the money.


Those of us who have experienced breast cancer and live in fear that it will return, understand how vital it is to spread awareness of the Pink Vaccine so that women demand that it be funded, manufactured and brought to clinical trials for FDA approval.

For information about the Pink Vaccine, please view these posts and websites:

Maureen’s Medical Moment – Breast Cancer Vaccine-WNDU


Breast cancer vaccine researcher Vincent Tuohy gets $1 million gift for endowed chair at Cleveland Clinic















To listen to my interview with Dr Ruddy: http://hipcast.com/podcast/HXJGSYgQ

Why is this vaccine not available now? Please view this video of Dr Kathleen Ruddy on IBC Fact and Fallacies: http://vzaar.com/videos/1033109

You can also follow the Pink Vaccine on Facebook, Champions of the Pink Vaccine.  Thank you.

  1. […] officials said. Supporters including Dr. Ruddy and Fitzgerald, the cancer survivor, have raised more than $1 million for Tuohy’s research through their blogs. A passionate bunch, they’ve written numerous posts about his research and the possibility of a […]

  2. […] officials said. Supporters including Dr. Ruddy and Fitzgerald, the cancer survivor, have raised more than $1 million for Tuohy’s research through their blogs. A passionate bunch, they’ve written numerous posts about his research and the possibility of a […]

  3. […] investment to the program has taken much effort, but supporters like Ruddy have raised more than $1 million for Tuohy’s research. A company called Shield Biotech was also created, a key step to commercializing the drug. Shield […]

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