Corporate Services

My Mission

 My mission is to empower women to successfully navigate the cancer journey.  The road is long and the outcome often uncertain, but developing a solid plan can help the patient regain the sense of control that is lost with the diagnosis. “You have cancer”.  Those three words change everything.  The normal response is “How am I going to survive?  Where do I start? Where are the experts who treat my type of cancer? What treatments are best for me?” Fear and confusion cloud the ability to take action. Professional assistance at a time when a situation is emotionally charged can make a significant difference in the outcome.  I am an active advocate, accompanying clients to appointments translating information, and adding clarity.   My position is to be their consultant and my role is to be their coach, but my foremost goal is to guide and support them during the battle of their lives. My vision is to see that fewer women have to fight this battle.

My Services

 One-on-One Coaching, Advocacy:

 Meet with employees to discuss the diagnosis and potential treatment plans and teams

  • Accompany  employees to surgical, radiology and oncology consultations to provide support,  to facilitate effective communication between doctor and patient, and to add clarity and an objective voice during these meetings
  • Accompany  employees to additional appointments if a second opinion is desired or if the client is uncomfortable with the first team chosen
  • Additional support as needed during treatment including, but not limited to, arranging for at home support systems
  • Providing recommendations for nutritional support during cancer treatments

Cancer Prevention Workshops and Seminars:

  • Seminars and webinars for your employees and clients can be arranged to meet the needs of your organization.  These are targeted to educate in the prevention of cancer to avoid recurrence and new cancers.  Topics to be covered are the origins of cancer, risk factors and the lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce the risk of cancer
  • Personalized, individual sessions are available by telephone, in my office or at your location

About Elyn

Elyn is a cancer coach and certified holistic cancer educator.  After assisting women diagnosed with cancer for several years, she took her passion to another level and founded Elyn Jacobs Consulting, Inc.  In 2007, her mother succumbed to breast cancer after a long, grueling battle.  Elyn was diagnosed just prior to her mother’s death and her sister was diagnosed a year later. As a survivor, Elyn has a unique perspective and can share with others what she has been through and what she has learned from it. This personal experience allows her to better understand what clients are feeling — whether anger, anxiety or frustration — and to help them work through these obstacles.  Her goal is to empower clients to gain control over the course of treatment.  Elyn has done extensive research on cancer prevention and has written articles on this topic.  Nobody is more motivated to seek out an anti-cancer regimen than a cancer survivor who wants to remain a survivor.   She is passionate about helping others get past their cancer and into cancer-free lives.



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