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Empower Yourself to Beat Cancer

Most conventional treatments only target killing cancer cells, usually with unpleasant side effects. Notably, they don’t target cancer stem cells, the only cells that can metastasize. By targeting many of the pathways for cancer as well as the reasons for the cancer, one can maximize the potential for beating cancer using non-toxic remedies which are also compatible with and boost the efficacy and tolerance of conventional treatment.

Consultations: Initial phone consultations are $150 for a 50- minute consultation. Initial phone consult plus an individualized protocol $350. Follow up phone consults are $125 for 50 minutes ($150 and up if new labs sent); $90 for 25 minutes ($110 and up if new labs sent); $55 for 10 minutes ($75 and up if new labs sent). Lab and supplement review, $50 and up. If you desire follow up notes there is an additional charge of $25. Weekend appointments are possible for an additional cost of $50 per call. Packages are available.

Consults are offered at my office, via Skype, or phone. In-person consults are $250 for 50 minutes. Skype or other video calls are $200 for 50 minutes. Calls to Canada are $200 for the 50-minute call. All other International calls must be initiated by the client.

Group coaching is available in person or via Skype (or Zoom if you set it up). The fee for a 90 minute session is $395.

If you live in the New York area, I will accompany you to physician consults as your advocate (applicable consultation fees apply, please email me for details).

Evaluation of the RGCC test is $250, which includes a 50 minute phone consult; $300 if via Skype and $350 if in-person.

To Book a Consultation, please use the Contact Field below or send payment via PayPal to Elyn (at) elynjacobs.com.  Payment is required to confirm your appointment. Rescheduling is allowed if you provide more than 24 hours notice. Consultation fees apply for research done on your behalf. A reschedule fee of $75 will be charged for missed appointments.

Coaching Services: 50 Minute Phone Consult $150.00 (in-office $250; Skype $200).  For follow-up consults, please see above for rates.

Elyn Jacobs does not provide online medical advice. No online site should be used as a substitute for personal medical attention.

To schedule a 15 minute discussion on estrogen and receive my Estrogen and Detoxification Handouts, please use the contact field above. The $75 charge for the call includes both handouts.  To receive only the handouts, the charge is $25.  Kindly send a check to the above address or remit payment via PayPal to Elyn Jacobs Consulting, Inc. via the email address: elyn (at)elynjacobs (dot) com.

To order my handouts on Colon or Prostate Cancer ($25 each), kindly send a check to the above address or remit payment via PayPal to Elyn Jacobs Consulting, Inc. via the email address: elyn (at)elynjacobs (dot) com.  These handouts include my Detoxification Handout. IF YOU DID NOT RECIEVE THE HANDOUTS IT IS BECAUSE YOUR EMAIL BOUNCED THEM BACK. PLEASE EMAIL US DIRECTLY SO WE CAN SEND THEM TO YOU. THANK YOU.

New research presents the opportunity to change and alter protocols.  Kindly follow me on Facebook for up to date information or consider scheduling periodic consultations in order to review your current protocol and make changes. I do not provide medical advice. The information provided is for general information only. No online site should be used as a substitute for personal medical attention.

While I value your follow up questions, please do respect my time. If your question requires more than a yes/no response, kindly schedule a 10 or 25 minute phone consult ($55/90). Multiple questions may require a longer consult. All requests must be made via email or the contact field below; questions and appointment requests will not be accepted via the phone. Please understand that I cannot offer coaching or advice via email or social media and I do not offer medical advice.

Thinking of coaching others?  Already a coach but looking to empower your clients who wish to avoid the effects of drug therapies for cancer? Contact Elyn in the field above for more information or click here to sign up for a certification course with the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. 

Click here to view my story on CNN Money–Seven cancer survivors confronted life-threatening diseases and turned their experiences into successful small business ideas; read the stories of survivors whose cancer inspired them to help others with cancer.

Visit Elyn:

Facebook: Elyn Jacobs Consulting

Twitter:  @Survivelivewell and Elyn Jacobs

Linkedin: Elyn Jacobs

  1. I think it’s horrible that poor people cannot receive help from people who say they have the answer to help those of us fighting cancer but only for a fee so sad if u really wanted to help us your fees make help unattainable and you are not any better than the oncologist making money off of those of us fighting for our life money seems to be your motivation instead of truly having a heart to help I’m fighting cancer for the 5th time yet I could never afford your fees so I guess I’m not worthy to be told how to save my life

    • Hi Tamela, I wish I could, but sadly I still have to pay my bills…mortgage companies, grocery stores, etc still insist on being paid, despite the fact that one is a coach or doctor. However, there is a bevy of FREE info here on my site…radio show replays, articles, resources, etc. I wish you the best, Elyn

  2. Would love to read the Epstein Barr post

  3. I do not have breast cancer but I was diagnosed with Atypical Ductile and Lobular Hyperplasia in both breasts. All areas were removed. My Breast Surgeon and 2 Oncologists have all recommended Tamoxifen. As a long time believer in functional Medicine/Integrative Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, I tried to plead my case to have them all understand that I feel I do not need to go on Tamoxifen and with guidance of the right medical/healthcare professionals will not develop breast cancer. Not even being at “higher” risk. I was told going on Tamoxifen is a “no brainer” and the Doctor could not understand why I was so upset because I don’t have breast cancer so to prevent it, just go on the Tamoxifen. That’s most of the story. I am looking for someone to help guide me. I live on Long Island and I am willing to travel into NYC. I did for my surgeon and other Doctors.

    • Dear Lisa, Unfortunately you won’t find much support from medical docs to skip tamoxifen. However, you can adopt a protocol on your own (read my articles, listen to my videos) or I can help you with that. Just request a consult via the box on this page. Best, Elyn

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