Integrative Oncologists and Naturopathic Doctors

Integrative Oncologists and Alternative Treatment Centers

Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine~ Dr Michael Schachter  http://www.schachtercenter.com/  (Suffern NY)

MBS Photo of 7-16-10 Trees background MBS071610AGet to know Dr Schachter:

Dr Michael Schachter: Searching for Answers for Cancer Patients, Part I http://hipcast.com/podcast/H1tlrkJs

Dr Michael Schachter: Searching for Answers for Cancer Patients, Part II http://hipcast.com/podcast/HZ2hF9js

Dr Michael Schachter: Searching for Answers for Cancer Patients, Part III  http://hipcast.com/podcast/HBxnqhps

Dr Michael Schachter: Searching for Answers for Cancer Patients, Part IV http://hipcast.com/podcast/HVNGyq2s 

Dr Michael Schachter: Integrative and Alternative Cancer Solutions and Treatment Options. http://hipcast.com/podcast/HWvWtsNs

Dr Michael Schachter: Update on Innovative Cancer Treatment Strategies Including the Ketogenic Diet and Salvestrols  http://hipcast.com/podcast/H6L8zsXs

Integrating Nutrition and Selected Controversial Nutritional Supplements into a Cancer Treatment Program

Gaynor Integrative Oncology~Dr Mitchell Gaynor http://gaynoroncology.com/ (New York NY) Sadly, Dr Gaynor has passed. He will be greatly missed. If you are or were a patient of his and need a referral, please contact me and I will assist you.

drgaynor_headshotGet to know Dr Gaynor:

Dr Mitch Gaynor MD: Integrative Oncology: Getting to the Root Cause of Cancer http://hipcast.com/podcast/HXQ8Xt5s

The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle

Anderson Medical Specialty Associates A Clinic Dedicated to New Frontiers in Patient Care (Seattle, WA) 206-629-2186

Dr George Kessler DO (New York, NY)  (212) 877-7043

kessler“The most important thing about cancer is preventing it”. Dr Kessler is not looking for disease, but rather ‘dis-ease’.  He believes that in supporting the bodies natural ability to heal itself and find balance (homeostasis) we can usually find health. He focuses on detoxifying the body, healing the gut, supporting the immune system, balancing hormones, correcting auto-immune disorders and other imbalances in the body.  By addressing dis-ease, Dr Kessler believes one can heal from and prevent disease.  He strongly believes that Food is Medicine.

Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care; Dr Keith Block. http://blockmd.com/ (Skokie IL)

6 04 2008 -The Block Center for Integrative Cancer CareGet to know Dr Block:

Dr Keith Block: What do Survival Statistics and Hope Really Mean to You? http://hipcast.com/podcast/Hcy2PBDs

Dr Keith Block: Integrative Oncology http://hipcast.com/podcast/H1GYpQ6Q

Although chemotherapy can improve survival for patients with metastatic cancer, there are often significant side effects to contend with. Some of these toxicities include damage to the brain, heart, and kidneys. Many dietary or supplemental antioxidants may play a key role in reducing treatment-related toxicities. Please read: http://lifeovercancerblog.typepad.com/life-over-cancer-blog/2011/05/how-supplements-can-help-protect-against-the-toxic-side-effects-of-chemotherapy.html

Dr Jeanne Wallace, PhD: Nutritional Solutions 

Meridian Medical Group~Dr Raymond Chang http://meridianmedical.org/

DR ChangGet to know Dr Chang:

Cancer: Beyond the Magic Bullet  

Dr Barry Boyd: http://www.drbarryboyd.com/ (Greenwich CT)

Dr barry boyd

21st Century Oncology~Dr Brian Lawenda  http://www.21stcenturyoncology.com/physicians/lawenda-brian-d   (Las Vegas NV)

brianlawenda2012Get to know Dr Lawenda:

Dr Brian Lawenda: Stress and Cancer, Integrative Oncology http://hipcast.com/podcast/Hyw7Pgzs

Dr Lawenda posts amazing information on his Facebook page.  Please visit: Integrative Oncology-Essentials 

Pacific Medical Center of Hope~Dr M.A.  Nezami http://www.allcancercare.com/ (Fresno and Newport Beach CA)

nezamiGet to know Dr Nezami:

Complementary and Alternative Cancer Solutionshttp://hipcast.com/podcast/H1jVKgns

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine~ Dr Don Abrams http://www.ucsfhealth.org/donald.abrams  (San Francisco CA)

Abrams, Donaldp2Get to know Dr Abrams:

Dr Donald Abrams, MD~ Integrative Oncology: Optimizing Cancer Care

heidi_puc_photo_1-2__medium150Dr Heidi Puc Delmar NY and Benninging VT

Integrative Oncology, IV Vitamin C, Herbal Supplement Therapies, Integrative Medicine, Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment

Marinas am Stein~ Clinic for Integrative Medicine: Dr Axel Weber http://www.klinik-marinus.de/  (Branneburg Germany)

dr alex weberGet to know Dr Weber:

Dr Axel Weber: Hyperthermia for Cancer  

Center for Holistic Medicine— Dr Brownstein (West Bloomfield, MI)

At the Center for Holistic Medicine, we believe that the human body is a natural system, which, when diseased, may often times be better served by using natural healing remedies as an alternative approach to achieve optimal health. Rather than medicate the body with synthetic drugs to treat the symptoms of a particular illness to “make them go away”, we believe in a holistic approach where we determine the underlying causes of that illness instead.

National Institute of Oncology (Budapest)

Century Wellness Clinic; Dr James Forsythe  http://drforsythe.com/  (Las Vegas NV)

Issels Medical Center http://www.issels.com/  (Santa Barbara CA and abroad)

Specializes in advanced and highly individualized integrative treatment programs for patients suffering from cancer and immune diseases (Including late stage/Immuno-oncology)

Hoxsey Clinic

Sanoviv Medical Institute

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine  http://www.nfam.org/

Naturopathic Doctors Specializing in Cancer

Dr James Belanger,  ND. Lexington Natural Health Center


belangerGet to know Dr Belanger:

Dr James Belanger: The Role of Naturopathic Medicine in Cancer http://hipcast.com/podcast/HB323mxs

Dr James Belanger: Eating Your Way to Wellness http://hipcast.com/podcast/HcWn7sVs

Dr Belanger will be hosting his own radio show series–please visit:


The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine

dr-kg-medicalKristine Gedroic,  MD, DABMA, Diplomate of ABOIM,  is an integrative physician and founder of The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine in Morristown, NJ.

Dr Serena Goldstein, ND   New York, NY (646-450-1704)

Serena GoldsteinDr. Serena Goldstein is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in NYC specializing in natural hormone balance, such as painful menses, skin conditions, and weight concerns utilizing natural therapies to get to the underlying cause of disease. Dr. Serena sees patients in person at her midtown Manhattan location in NYC and by Skype and phone call, and offers a free 15 minute phone consult. Dr. Serena can also order saliva tests to help balance hormones, as imbalances can be linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, and other chronic conditions.  Dr. Serena focuses on utilizing Naturopathic modalities as an adjunct to cancer care for an integrative approach, and focuses on establishing a healthy foundation that also helps serve as preventative care.

Dr Lena Suhaila, ND, FABNO: Naturally Well Within (San Francisco, CA)


Dr Sharon Gurm, ND, Port Moody Health, (Port Moody, BC)

Gurm Head shot 2014Get to know Dr Gurm:

Oncothermia, A Synergistic Option for Cancer

Dr Jacob Schor, ND (Denver Co)   http://www.denvernaturopathic.com/docs.html 

Dr Lise Alschuler, ND (Scottsdale AZ)  http://www.naturopathicspecialists.com/

Holistic Family Medicine, Thomas Cowen MD and Maureen S. Wilson-Hwang, N.D. (San Francisco CA)  http://fourfoldhealing.com/ 

Unsure about taking supplements during chemotherapy and radiation?  Read: Is it Safe to Take Antioxidants and Other Natural Agents During Chemo and Radiation?

Can’t find a doctor near you?  Many of these doctors offer phone consults and will work together with your local doctor.  Need more help or need help deciding which doctor might be best for you and your individual cancer? Sign up for a free coaching Consult.

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