My Cancer Journey

After ’battling’ breast cancer in 2007 (ER and PR+, HER2-, stage 1) I wanted to do everything possible to avoid a recurrence.  I agreed to the surgery. I balked at the tamoxifen as the research was not convincing, nor was my oncologist.  I did eventually agree to give it a try, but given the immediate negative effects, my doctors and I agreed it was not meant for me.

I embarked on a mission to better understand the causes of cancer. I did extensive research and bantered with my amazing integrative oncologist, which led to certain lifestyle changes I made.

What I learned most since I heard those words “you have cancer” is that cancer is not so much a ‘disease’, but rather a chronic situation with many influencers.  I learned that treating cancer can often spread cancer.  Importantly, I learned that everyone’s cancer comes as a message.

It wasn’t until my recurrence that I fully understood cancer’s message for me. I thought I knew it all, did it all. I was wrong. I ignored my cancer-message, the reason for my cancer, which was past emotional traumas and trapped toxic emotions.

At stage 3, chemo and radiation were recommended. Aromatase inhibitors were also suggested. I knew these therapies were not curative and could harm me.

Instead, I responded to the message. My new healing journey was not long, less than a year, but it was intense. I worked hard on resolving the past traumas that brought cancer to me.

I knew that the biopsy and surgery from my first bout with cancer could have seeded my recurrence. Therefore, I embarked on a super-charged protocol of cancer-killing, immune-boosting supplements and therapies that did no harm to my body.  I fortified my mind, body and soul to heal from the cancer. To this day, years later, I continue to do the same.

I am forever grateful for the incredible team of doctors. They empowered me to take control of the situation the first time, and stood by me and never once argued with me about my choices upon recurrence.

My choices do not necessarily have to be your choices. My journey is not your journey. This journey is not about ‘fighting’ cancer, but rather about loving yourself. Just as there are many reasons for cancer, there are so many ways to heal from cancer. What is important is to believe in your choices –to believe you can heal and are worthy of healing.

Diet, supplements and the plethora of treatments out there will not heal you unless you believe you can heal and fill the void in your heart and fall in love with yourself.

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Cancer is not a battle, we don’t ‘fight’ cancer or conquer it.  We heal from it. We make the necessary changes to alter the terrain to one inhospitable to cancer. That is best thing one can do to survive cancer and live well.

The path to recovery may vary from person to person. Some may choose conventional others may choose holistic and still others a combination. Importantly, we must own our choice and believe in that choice. That can make all the difference.

You may also enjoy this video interview of me speaking with the Templeton Wellness Foundation about my story: Click HERE.

Join me as you heal from cancer’s message. Together we can devise a plan for wellness and joy.

In your everlasting good health,


~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~


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