What You Need to Know about the Enterovirus (EV-D68)

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As you may be aware, there is an ugly virus causing illness throughout many areas of the United States. The enterovirus (EV-D68) is a respiratory illness that can have severe complications. Summer colds are often caused by enteroviruses. While not normally more than a nuisance, this particular strain, the EV-D68 is rather nasty—one hospital in Denver, CO has seen more than 900 children with this illness and 80 had to be hospitalized.

EV-D68 causes respiratory illness similar to the common cold, including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever.  However, as the disease progresses, more serious symptoms may occur, including difficulty breathing, wheezing, dehydration and respiratory failure.  It can also cause skin rashes and abdominal pain. In rare cases it has caused paralysis of the limbs.  There is no specific medical treatment, so the illness has to run its course.  If you or your child has a history of asthma, please be aware that this virus could be particularly problematic.

oreganoAs for prevention, the usual protocol of avoiding people who are sick, hand washing, and avoiding the sharing of toys and hand-held devices is certainly a good idea.  For more protection, please support your immune system by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugar, getting plenty of sleep, engaging in stress reducing activities and consider appropriate supplementation. If you are at high risk for complications, please consider an IV- Vitamin C infusion (oral vitamin C is not nearly as effective), a glutathione infusion, and/or as a simple supplement, oregano oil. I’ve been taking oregano as a cold remedy, but it is also very effective for prevention.  There are many good sources, but here is a link so you can get started. Oregano Oil: Gaia Herbs Oil of Oregano.  You can find other sources on Amazon or at your local pharmacy.  Medicinal mushrooms and other immune boosters are also a good idea, but it was my oncologist, Dr Gaynor, who mentioned that a good defense for this virus might be the IV’s and the oregano (oregano is antiviral).  Please note that if you already have this virus, the oregano oil and infusions may help you recover faster.

gaia oreganoGaia Herbs Oil of Oregano, 120 Liquid Phyto-Capsules

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  1. I had echovirus and it cause pericarditis for weeks. I finally tried oil of oregano and it cleared up immediately! I have never had cardiac problems, so I was terrified. I highly recommend oil of oregano! !!!!

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