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Lifelines to Cancer Survival: A New Approach to Personalized Care

In Cancer on April 30, 2015 at 10:28 am

“Doc, how much time do I have?” “Probably three to six months,” he replied.

That was 12 years ago.

Lifelines to Cancer Survival, by Mark Roby is a dramatic, personal adventure about someone who was told 12 years ago that he had just a few months to live, and that there was nothing that anyone could do to prevent the cancer from worsening, much less cure it. Even in the face of dire predictions, Mark faced some of his toughest challenges with unlimited hope, love, and enthusiasm for life. As Mark started to see his own identity beyond the limitations of a physical body, as a spiritual being, much of his fear dissolved. He also began to change his belief system into one where he believed that nothing was impossible. He chose not to be a victim or to complain. He learned he could be peaceful and happy, regardless of what was happening to his body.

 Healing is the letting go of fear.

The sole purpose of Lifelines is to increase patients’ survival times, your survival time, especially if you are facing rare, aggressive, or advanced malignancies. Lifelines to Cancer Survival offers you, the reader, cutting-edge, real-time research and tools that you will not find compiled in one resource anywhere else. Armed with essential information about your options, your real options, you can make the right choices and take the right actions to extend your own life.

 Today, I am determined to have no thoughts or attitudes that are hurtful to others or to myself.

 With a medical insider’s knowledge of what it takes to stay alive when all the odds are against you, Lifelines to Cancer Survival is the first book to guide you toward transforming your cancer into something manageable. It will provide you with critical answers regarding cancer survival as no other book has before.

When any of us are hit with cancer, it’s what we don’t know that can kill us.

When any of us are hit with cancer, it’s what we don’t know that can kill us. This book was written specifically for you and your family to ask the right questions and find the correct answers to keep you around. Remember, no matter how dire your circumstances, there is always hope. These steps helped Mark Roby beat the odds, and they can help you, too.


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Check out what others are saying about Lifelines:

“Mark Roby, an odds-defying Radical Remission survivor himself, has given cancer patients a true gift with his book, Lifelines to Cancer Survival. This is the perfect guidebook for anyone feeling overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis. Mark takes you by the hand, giving you personalized information for every step along the way.”

— Kelly Turner, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

“Mark’s story is truly inspiring, and not just his continued sur-thrival-ship, but also his willingness to share how to create a more personalized approach to cancer care. He empowers the experience, he gives several ways to approach healing. And throughout the book, he answers some of the biggest questions for people who are dealing with cancer—from finding the right doctor and asking for more personal treatments, to relaxation techniques, exercise, and eating a plant-rich diet. All of these methods combine to help your immune system thrive.”

— Suzanne Boothby, author of The After Cancer Diet and Dr. Richard Boothby, cancer physician for more than 25 years

“In Lifelines to Cancer Survival, Mark Roby offers a comprehensive and inspirational blueprint for becoming your own best health advocate. Speaking from dramatic experience as a former patient, Mark walks the talk, offering readers a variety of ways to find personalized care. This is an articulate and heartfelt work that belongs in every library.”

— Verne Varona, author of Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods

“Mark Roby’s ‘Lifelines’ have been a godsend. His research and strategies have been invaluable towards my survival. Mark’s innovative ideas and novel approaches have saved his life and others. This book is a must read for all cancer patients and their caregivers.”

— Jane Smith, stage IV gastrointestinal carcinoma

“The concepts in this book, and from Mark Roby, were a complete game changer for all of us, a surviving cancer family. They really opened our eyes about how to fight this battle, and we are indebted. Everything from the ‘Triad of Survival’ and having backup plans, to building our team and becoming our own experts, made all the difference. And this is just the tip of the iceberg . . .”

— Marge Casteel, advanced cholangiocarcinoma

“Mark Roby’s Lifelines” have kept me afloat. He has taken his own death sentence, turned it around, and used what he has learned to help others. His counsel has been critical towards my survival.”

— Tami Boehmer, award-winning author, survivor, and speaker

“Mark Roby provides a fresh and valuable approach to treating cancer in his new book Lifelines to Cancer Survival. He offers hope and options to those facing this critical challenge. This page-turner reveals the strategies that Mark used to save his own life, which may now be used by others. Highly recommended!”

— Dr. Martin J. Brown, DC

“I highly recommend Mark Roby’s new text Lifelines to Cancer Survival, where he offers compelling information to help those afflicted with a diagnosis of cancer. Read this valuable book!”

— Michael Coraci, PA-C

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~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~
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