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Breast Cancer Virus: Of Mice and Women

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Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus

Check Out Our Executive Summary on the Breast Cancer Virus!

By Vera Gruessner

Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy, Founder of the Breast Health and Healing Foundation and breast cancer surgeon, has released her executive summary that covers her soon-to-be-published book “Of Mice And Women:  Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus.” The book will be published in June 2015 and you can access the executive summary through the Breast Health and Healing website by clicking here.

Please be sure to download the executive summary (which is completely free) and share it through all of your social networks! Let your friends and family know about this important book. Dr. Kathleen Ruddy has spent eight years writing and revising this book and is now in the final process of publishing the book in both paper and electronic formats. And the best part – the published, digital book will be completely free to the public!

Research on the breast cancer virus is vital in our search for methods to prevent this disease. A large part of human breast cancers, as much as 40 percent, have gene sequences similar to a retrovirus that causes breast cancer in mice. This retrovirus is called the mouse mammary tumor virus and the researchers Drs. Pogo, Etkind, and Melena have played a key role in advancing the study of the Pink Virus.

If cancer researchers can determine that a virus causes as much as 40 percent of human breast cancers, the scientific Of Mice and Womencommunity can work on developing a vaccine to prevent this disease in men and women across the globe. This would be a tremendous gain toward our goal of preventing breast cancer. It is time to once and for all determine whether the human mammary tumor virus causes breast cancer in women and work toward developing vaccines that can prevent the disease.

All donations that we gather from the release of the executive summary and the book will be used to fund the full-length documentary film, “A Pox On Us,” co-produced with Soap Box Media, whose profits from sale and distribution will be used to directly fund research on the breast cancer virus.

We want this executive summary and the upcoming book to spread like wildfire through the breast cancer community, but we need your help! Please share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter. Share it on Google+. Share it on LinkedIn. Let your networks know about this revolutionizing work!

What You Need to Know Now: Does a Virus Cause Breast Cancer in Women?

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Yesterday on my show, Survive and Live Well, on W4CS, Dr Kathleen Ruddy spoke about a breast cancer virus that might be involved with 40-75% of breast cancer.  She also discussed a preventive vaccine developed at the Cleveland Clinic by Professor Vincent Tuohy that is ready for safety testing in women and may also be effective against the viral form of breast cancer.  Unfortunately, both the virus and the vaccine have received little attention and scant funding.

The virus in itself is not news to me or others; Kathleen and I spoke about this a year ago, and it received national attention via a video Dr. Ruddy made that was nominated best short film of the Breast Fest Breast Cancer Film Festival 2010. However, what amazes me is that in addition to the paucity of attention about the virus, there is equal disregard for the first preventive breast cancer vaccine that Professor Tuohy developed, for he has yet to get the funding for clinical trials to test its efficacy in women.  So why is it that there is not funding for trials?  If not for lack of awareness, what is it?

Many people are not aware that this vaccine is at the trial phase; it just needs the funding and we could likely prevent and possibly cure millions of breast cancers.  It saddens and infuriates me that greed and ignorance may be getting in the way.  In fact, there is a prominent member of the breast cancer world who likely has the power to garner the funds needed, but instead seems to want to wait until 2020 for the magical end.  Shame on those who are holding us back; how can they say they are out to make change, to end breast cancer. Let’s end breast cancer now; why wait?  If you would like to be part of this initiative, please contact Dr Ruddy.  If you have something to say regarding this topic, please let me know, you just might be invited to share your thoughts on the show.

I posted on this subject back in July of 2011…to read this post and a repost on Dr Ruddy’s site:



The following is a plea written by IBC survivor Cindy Sullivan.  Thank you Cindy, for helping to get the word out on the need for funding; we need to get this vaccine to trial.

To read another great post on the subject by Susan Beausang:


“His vaccine is ready to be tested for safety in humans, but guess what. Komen has turned him down for funding 3 times and Avon has refused to even consider it. Hmmmm…. Maybe Mr. Tuohy scared the queens of pinkwashing when he said, ‘If it works in humans the way it works in mice, this will be monumental. We could eliminate breast cancer.”

I would now add that the NBCC is looking to end breast cancer in 2020; the rest of us are in a bigger hurry.  Likely they could be added to the list of “queens of pinkwashing”, but that is my opinion. Why is it that they are not supporting a vaccine ready to go to trial now?

For more information on Professor Tuohy’s vaccine:




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