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Healing Paths for Cancer

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We refer to cancer as a disease, yet it is really a symptom.  The development of cancer is the result of  imbalances, excesses and deficiencies that deplete and overwhelm our immune system and allow cancer to form.  We may be estrogen dominant or otherwise hormonally imbalanced, we may have a heavy accumulation of toxins within the body or too much chronic emotional stress, and perhaps we don’t get enough nutrients to protect us.  Perhaps we are lacking emotional attachment and love. There are many theories on what causes cancer, but the reality is each cancer has its own origin.  The trick to ridding oneself of cancer is to uncover the root cause of our own individual cancer, and to address it, not put a band-aid on it.  Hence, because there are many triggers for cancer, there are also many paths for healing.

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Even with the best medical care, we cannot ignore that which creates the symptom of cancer.  While the current standard of care offers surgery, chemo and radiation, these treatments are not curative on their own—one must still change the cancer environment (and these “treatments” also encourage more cancer); we must fix what is broken.   We also must do everything possible to boost the efficacy and mitigate the damages of conventional treatments or explore other options.  How do we do this?  We make dietary changes that boost immunity and cut off the pathways of cancer,we  reduce and manage stress, get proper sleep and manage estrogen—in other words, we take control of our health.  And again, we explore all options. I highly recommend consulting with an integrative oncologist, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in cancer or a cancer coach.  https://elynjacobs.wordpress.com/integrative-oncologists-and-naturopathic-doctors/

If we decline conventional treatment or follow up pharmaceutical therapies, we still need a comprehensive plan to heal our body so we can heal our cancer. In the alternative world, there are many protocols, many theories.  Again, it comes down to knowing the options and finding the best path for you and your cancer.  For more information and resources on alternative and complementary care, please visit https://elynjacobs.wordpress.com/alternative-and-complementary-therapies/ as well as the recommended reading list below.

And while each cancer is unique in many ways, and many paths to take, there are some common factors involved in the healing of cancer—even cancers considered terminal.   An excellent book I recommend on paths to healing is Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Oddsby Dr Kelly Turner, PhD. Turner has done extensive research on radical remission and has uncovered the nine key factors that can make a difference, the subtitle of her book.  If you haven’t heard Dr. Turner talk about her research and book, you may want to replay my conversation with her on Survive and Live Well.  You can replay it free here.

Regardless of the path one chooses, the biggest mistake anyone can make is not asking the right questions and not knowing all the options.  Tune in weekly to the Survive and Live Well Radio Show, visit my website for the replays and for resources, and read as much as you can; become an educated patient.   And remember, there is always hope.

Recommended Reading:

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Waking the Warrior Goddess, Third Edition: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect Against & Fight Breast Cancer

Anticancer-a New Way of Life

Life Over Cancer: The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment

The Iodine Crisis: What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life

Salvestrols: Nature’s Defence Against Cancer: Linking Diet and Cancer

Salvestrols: Journeys to Wellness


~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~

Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor, professional cancer strategist, speaker, and the Executive Director for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. Elyn empowers women to choose the path for treatment that best fits their own individual needs. She is passionate about helping others move forward into a life of health and well-being. Elyn has been featured on CNN Money, Talk About Health, and Breast Cancer Answers and has written for the Pink Paper, Breast Cancer Wellness, Integrative Oncology Essentials, Surviving Beautifully, Body Local and more, and writes the Options for Life column for the Natural Healing-Natural Wellness Newsletter. Elyn hosts the Survive and Live Well Radio Show on the Cancer Support Network. Elyn lives in New York with her husband and two young boys. https://elynjacobs.wordpress.com/about/

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