Are Your Headphones An EMF Health Risk?

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EMF’s are silent and invisible killers; they are sneaky as we can’t hear or see them.  However, the danger is very real.  I know I have spoken about this before, but recently I started fretting over all the technology our children are using.  They have cell phones, iPads, iPods and laptops.  They use them at home and at school.  When I was a child, these things did not exist.  We had a few TV’s in our house and a phone on the wall.  Things are different now; we live in an electronic world.

Do we know for sure that radiation kills?  Nope, but then, do you really want to wait for proof?  Will a dramatic rise in brain tumors give us proof?  I’d prefer not to be involved in that statistic and I sure as heck don’t want my children to.

We have gotten our laptops off our laps and purchased retro handsets for our phones.  But, what about headphones…are they good or bad? If you connect your headphones to anything WiFi, there is a potential EMF issue with the wire in the headphones acting like an antenna, and directing the radio frequency radiation into your brain.  I contacted Lloyd Burrell, an expert on the subject, as I needed some answers.

This post was updated March, 2018.

Enjoy the following post by Lloyd Burrell…things will be much clearer and wired.

Telecommunications towerElectromagnetic fields, now there’s a word. It’s a term that gets bantered around by the media more and more every day. And for good reason too. According to some experts our exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is now billions of times higher than it was when the earth was created. Yes, I did say billions of times higher.

So what, I hear you say EMFs are safe, right?  No. EMFs are not safe.

Remember how not that long ago we were told that cigarettes were safe. Then bit-by-bit it all came out in the wash. It turns out smoking cigarettes isn’t safe at all, it causes coronary heart disease, lung cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, respiratory disease and a long list of other very serious diseases.

What’s the evidence that EMFs are not safe? The BioInitiative Report 2012, the work of 29 independent scientists and health experts from 10 countries, found overwhelming scientific evidence of health risks from wireless devices and other forms of EMF.

In their initial report published in 2007 BioInitiative Working Group concluded, “that the existing public safety limits are inadequate for both ELF [extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields] and RF [radio frequency radiation].”

The 2012 BioInitiative Report went even further. Over twenty-one chapters the 2012 report assessed 1800 new research papers (from 2006 to 2011). According to David O. Carpenter, MD co-editor of the Report “there is now much more evidence of risks to health affecting billions of people world-wide. The status quo is not acceptable in light of the evidence for harm.”

Also lets not forget the World Health Organization (WHO) recent classification of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a Group 2B possible carcinogenic. This ruling was based on a perceived increased risk for glioma associated with cell phone use.

Are the dangers of EMFs as bad as the dangers of smoking cigarettes? No. They are much worse. You see EMFs are everywhere, more and more. Particularly since the advent of wireless technology. More cell phones, means more cell towers, means more radiation (aka EMFs).

And its not just cell phones and cell towers the problem. EMF exposures from cordless phones, ‘smart meters’, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, and similar electronic devices and from power lines, electrical wiring and other appliances all add to the toxic mix. Its not like cigarettes, there’s virtually no escaping these EMF exposures.

How come nobody seems to know about these dangers? There are lots of reasons. EMFs are invisible; you can’t see, smell, touch or taste them. They are silent killers, easily ignored especially when our governments and institutions that are supposed to protect us, say they are safe. The problem is if it were ever to ‘get out’ about the dangers of EMFs it would upset the apple cart. The companies that are involved in making and selling these technologies would be hit badly. Perhaps a bigger obstacle is that many peoples way of life is now built around these devices. It’s socially acceptable to have a cell phone and be contactable 24/7. For some employers, it’s a condition of employment.

What about EMFs from headphones? Studies indicate that the health effects of EMFs are cumulative. Anything electrical emits EMFs, that includes headphones. Are these exposures high? The way to test your exposures is with an EMF meter. Typically the EMFs are not particularly high. BUT there are two important factors; proximity of the EMF source to the body and length of exposure. Headphones are worn very close to the body (in the ear) and many people wear them for long periods of time.

Are these dangers real? Yes, but just how significant they are is very difficult to say. Some headphones are more dangerous than others. You’re better off using a wired headset than a wireless one. Typically wireless headsets use Bluetooth. That means you are also exposing yourself to radio frequency radiation, another form of EMF.

Also it depends what your headphones are connected to. If they are connected to your cell phone and you are taking calls using a wired headset your exposure could be significant. A conventional headset uses a wire cable. Wire has metal in it. This metal conducts the radiation coming from your cell phone allowing it to travel up the wire and into your head.

What about just listening to music on your cell phone. If the music is downloaded onto your phone this is safer. But if you are streaming, then again your EMF exposures could be significant.

One way of reducing your exposure is to use an air tube headset. An air tube headset uses hollow air tubes to conduct the sound from your cell phone using “sound waves”. The manufacturer claims a 98% reduction in the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that reach your head.

Note from the editor: Lloyd also recommends you hard wire your laptop if you are using head phones while listening to music or YouTube clips.   Better yet, whenever possible, hard wire your laptop, period.  Consider your laptop to be nothing more than a convenient way to take your work along.

About the author:

Since falling prey to a violent reaction to his cell phone in 2002 Lloyd Burrell has spent over 10 years researching the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health. He now offers tips and guidance on how to live a healthy life in our increasingly electromagnetic world.

You can download his free EMF Protection Health Report and subscribe to his newsletter by visiting his website http://www.electricsense.com/. You can also follow him on Facebook , Twitter and Youtube.

Remedies for Cell Phone Safety: 

BIO-SMART-DUOEnergy Dots — Feeling tired for no apparent reason? Suffering from nagging, dull headaches? It could be EMF-related. Protect yourself from radiation and increase your energy levels. I recommend the duo pack bioDOT-smartDOT, as it includes a self-adhesive bioDOT and a self-adhesive smartDOT.  Wear the bioDOT to strengthen and support your energy.  Stick the smartDOT to your mobile to retune the toxic emissions.  Use the two to protect yourself from EMF exposure.

Cell phone radiation exposure increases when using wired hands-free


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For more information:

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  8. We had a few TV’s in our house and a phone on the wall. … fearbudsw.wordpress.com

  9. Are you serous about headphones giving you canser

  10. Just thought I should say, headphones are the ones that go on your head, whereas earphones are the ones that go in your ears. Interesting article:)

  11. Awesome article. I’m 65 and likely fairly safe but worry a lot about my 35-yr-old daughter’s brain and even more about my 7 and 12-year-oldsgrandson’s entire bodies!
    As a cultural more (the one pronounced “more ray”) we tend to ignore or experience things we can’t see, touch, smell or experience it’s danger. It took many years to get the most sophisticated governments to take global warming seriously and I can imagine increases in brain cancers showing up well before our coastlines are visibly moving inland. Further, electronic profit motivation (EPM) is far more powerful than global warming fear (GWF) sparking what could become an interesting war: EPM vs. GWF as EPM effects far more individuals than GWF could, at least during the next couple of centuries and many global leaders don’t demonstrate much concern about their great-great grandchildren. EPM would, no doubt, effect attitudes when we start seeing 50-year-old children reverse mortality improvements but such data is years away and if and when the evidence shows up, we’ll no doubt see billions spent on research blaming ISIS or Russia and at least one of them will be happy to take credit steering us away from EMFs, right? Of course, I suspect many have no fear of either risk as with a nuclear North Korea, I can’t avoid thinking About the 60’s song with the line “sha na na na na na, live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow, hey, hey!” With a Trump win, the song could come back with far more justification.
    Other than sending the article to my four kids and buying them the least dangerous earbuds I can find, I know of no power strong enough to get them to where the buds until they have their first great grandchild and, by then, I suspect the EMFs will have increased the EPM to likely cause a couple of centuries to fly by before anyone can even get the funds to do a study likely to clobber our world economy. If you share any of my cynicism, start telling your infants to study neurology, neurosurgery or oncology in general which, if combined with altruism or medical tithing perhaps learning and then teaching how to cure or avoid cancer using stone-age tools reducing EMFs. After all, neither Fred nor Barney, et. al. ever got cancer that I can recall.

    • Hi Bob,other than your political views, I do believe I share your sentiments. Sadly, there is no way we can convince the majority that these devices are extremely harmful. That said, yes, at least gift them with ear buds, crystals and such bracelets, pads, etc…anything you can. Attach key chains to their backpacks (check out Vibes UP on my Shop page). It sure can’t hurt. Have a safe day!

  12. What about the voice tech equipment that warehouses use to pick orders by. They are worn for 8 hours a day and are wi fi activated??..?

  13. Is there still a significant amount of EMF radiation with over ear headphones instead of earbuds?

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