How to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

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Is Your Cell Phone Putting You at Risk of Brain Cancer?

I have the pleasure of being the go-to person in my family and amongst friends for health-related questions, especially when it comes to cancer. In the case of the connection between EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) and cancer, it did not take long to convince my family that electronic devices are indeed dangerous.

  • Exposure to radiofrequency energy from mobile phones held next to the ear is associated with an increased incidence of brain cancers such as malignant gliomas
  • A strong correlation has also been found in women who tend to carry their cell phones in their bras with a high incidence of breast cancer in the area closest to the phone—many have reported the area of concern to ‘copy’ the form of the phone
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that, “electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are possible carcinogenic to humans. A very recent study suggested that wireless transmitting devices (WTDs)–mobile phones, cordless phones, mobile phone-based stations, and Wi-Fi routers–be classified as a “probable human carcinogen”

My exposure to the dangers of EMF’s began when a vendor at the 2010 Annie Appleseed conference was hawking devices to put on phones to deflect radiation as well as necklaces that purportedly would protect us from radiation. Being a skeptic, I had my doubts. However, when very well-informed speakers were soon seen donning the wares, I began to think there was something to this.

A month later when I attended the Integrative Healthcare Symposium and heard the president of the Environmental Health Trust (a non-profit organization focusing on drawing attention to man-made health threats), Dr. Devra Davis, present on the dangers of cell phone radiation, there was no longer any doubt in my mind. And, to see some 2000 prominent doctors and nurses quietly distancing themselves from their devices (cell phones and laptops) was pretty amazing; her book Disconnect:The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, sold out. While I am a long way from banning electronic devices (heck, I use them too), since then I have provided my family the means for safer use.

Recently the city of Berkeley in California recently passed an ordinance requiring cell phone retailers to warn customers that mobile devices may emit cancer-causing radiation. As you can imagine, the wireless industry’s trade association was not too pleased, yet they do have warnings in the VERY FINE print in their owner’s manuals that clearly state cell phones should be kept at a distance from the body and that laptops should not be placed on the lap.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk of Cell Phone Radiation?

First and foremost, distance is your friend. Using the speaker-phone option on your cellphone is good, but does not offer much privacy. Using an air-tube headset may be the better way to go. My family and I have been using them for years (note: regular wired head-sets does not protect-they actually conduct radiation!). There was some grumbling from the younger set, mostly as the older versions didn’t fit well in pockets and even with the newer ones, the ear plugs fall out easily (a big nuisance). Then I read about one made by Smart-Safe, a company dedicated to bring public attention to the issue of EMF safety. This company came about after the owner lost his uncle to brain cancer doctors said was in size and shape of a cellphone, which explains their passion. I asked them to send me a headset to try out, and they actually sent me two, one with Bluetooth. I have to say, I love them (and so does the younger set!). I like that the ear plugs stay in even during exercise, the sound is clear and I really appreciate that the cord does not tangle like my old headphones—a big plus.

So Here’s What You Need to Know About EchoTubeZ: Radiation-Free-Air-Tube-Headset-Stereo-Blue1-1024x706

  • The speakers are in the capsule and they transmit the sound through the hollow tubes, no metal wiring therefor they do not conduct the radiation from the cellphone
  • The Bluetooth headset has a RadBlocker card on the back, which makes sure that the signal from the Bluetooth device does not reach the body and bounces safely away from the chest— it buffers between the Bluetooth device and chest functioning like a mirror thus bouncing the electromagnetic field away from the chest. With the Bluetooth you do not have to carry the cellphone in your pocket or hold it in your hand, and you can answer calls from a distance
  • The silicon tubes are German medical grade silicone, tested for biocompatibility, which means that it is compatible with the body and will not react with body fluids and tissue; tubing has no metal wiring
  • The tubes provide a little more bass to the sound, which is kind of cool
  • If you pinch the tubes while listening to music it mutes the sound so you do not have to remove the plugs from your ear to block the sound, something they call Pintch2Mute™
  • The ear plugs stay firmly in the ears

Smart-Safe also has other cool products such as the RadBlocker™ pouch, which allows one to safely carry their phone on their belt—80% of the body’s bone marrow is found in the hip, so please use caution when carrying your phone there. They also have radiation-blocking cases for phones, belly shields (to protect your baby), laptop shields (which means you can safely use laptop, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices in your lap) and other nifty products.

EMF Dangers Lurk Elsewhere as Well

EMF exposure from cordless phones, ‘smart meters’, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors and similar electronic devices–power lines, electrical wiring and other appliances all add to the toxic mix. There’s virtually no escaping EMF exposure, but you can reduce your risk:

  • Hardwire your laptop whenever possible
  • Use a land-line, corded phone
  • Take your laptop off your lap or use a radiation shield or blanket (see above for Smart-Safe Anti-Radiation Laptop Tray and Anti-Radiation Maternity Belly Band)
  • Crystals, such as black tourmaline and citrine, in the form of free-formed pieces as well as necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry, can help protect you from unavoidable exposure. I love the bracelets from Heelerz Gemstones
  • Place a cactus next to your computer as they can absorb some of the radiation
  • Practice ‘Earthing’–direct barefoot contact with the surface of the Earth which decreases inflammation and protects the body from EMF radiation. Another option is to use an Earthing Universal Mat with Cover Kit

While there is no rock-solid proof that EMF’s are a serious threat to human existence, there is clearly enough evidence to warrant the use of caution. Many experts liken the uneasy parallel to the tobacco issue and voice suspicions about those in power downplaying concern for consumers for the sake of financial gain. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg—we should expect to hear much more and see more municipalities taking action on the health risks of modern technology. In the meantime, please practice safe-cell.

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Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer and Infertility? Are Your Children at Risk?


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