The Warriors: True Heroes in Our Lives and How They Inspire Us

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The following is a wonderful and insightful post by Lou Paradise, a dear friend who has generously offered to guest host the Survive and Live Well show while I attend to some pressing family matters.  As Lou has thoughtfully shared, he will be sharing education from over twenty years of experience in treatment and prevention of pain from a wide range of pain ailments, including: neuropathy (both chemo-induced and diabetic), how to have a more robust lifestyle, reduce pain pills, and restore your hope and quality of life in an educational “news-you-can-use” inspiring, interactive style. Call-ins are very encouraged and welcome on this show: 561-623-9427. Thank you Lou for all you do to inspire wellness, and for the love that you share will everyone who crosses your path.


Overcoming adversity or other challenges of life is something we have all experienced in one form or another. Have you ever been anxious or worried about a final exam at school, or something more serious like the challenge of a significant health crisis, or being in combat mode  in a war and surviving?

We may think of warriors as our family and friends in the military and/or veterans of military service. It is true and certainly fitting to address the warrior spirit necessary to overcome adversity on the 239th birthday of the US Marine Corps, and Veterans Day, right around the corner.

As a US Marine Corps combat veteran I share something sacred with my fellow combat veterans/warriors, and that is every one of  us decided  to become this kind of warrior out of love of family, country, honor, duty, and mission. Embracing the legacy of sacrifice, as did…

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