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Salt Therapy A.K.A. Halo for Health

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Countless studies show that stress and inflammation contribute to most chronic diseases, including cancer. For years, doctors and therapists alike have been recommending stress-reducing trips to the ocean to take in the salty air and dig one’s toes in the sand. Could salt therapy offer similar benefits? According to some, just one 45-minute halo (salt) session offers health benefits equivalent to a few days at the beach, no air travel required.

Dry salt therapy, otherwise known as halo therapy, originated in the salt caves of Eastern Europe which were found to have healing properties and kept salt miners free of respiratory and skin ailments that were common to other miners. It has since been adapted to become a standard healing and prevention practice throughout Europe and is even available in many hospitals and doctors’ offices. I  recommend some deep breathing during the therapy to maximize the benefits.

salt haus 2I was invited to visit Salthaus in New York City for a healing session. The rooms are bright, spotless, and peaceful. I cozied up with a provided blanket, eye cover, and weighted neck pillow and fell right asleep. The staff was delightful and I left feeling calm and relaxed. Salthaus is great for kids and teens as well (my kids love Halo), but know that this salt room is on the second floor, so you will need to be able to manage stairs.

How Salt Therapy Works:

A natural disinfectant, salt is antimicrobial and antibacterial. Inhaling salt particles may reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs, offering relief to those suffering from asthma, allergies, or even the common cold. The salt particles enter the airways and pores and break down mucus, kill bacteria, relieve inflammation, increase oxygen flow throughout the body, and give the immune system a boost. They do this by keeping the lungs, sinuses, and air passages free of bacteria, mucus, allergens, and toxins that get embedded in these areas, irritate sensitive tissues, and spread infections.

The calming, detoxifying, mood-boosting effects seem to support and restore immune function as well as other systems in the body. Some people report that skin conditions improve, helping those with psoriasis, eczema, and even acne.

While certainly not intended as a cure or remedy for cancer, salt therapy aids in detoxification (including after chemotherapy) and helps restore one’s immune system, thus supporting the healing process. Halo can lower stress levels, reducing risk of cortisol-driven damage to the body  (chronic high cortisol levels contribute to immune system deficiency and cancer) and may reduce the need for toxic allergy medications.

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