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Yoga Nidra: The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep and Optimal Health

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Yoga Nidra is not like other types of yoga where you actively participate in various poses and exercises. It is also different than restorative yoga—the depth of Yoga Nidra is far beyond just relaxation. It is more like a form of meditation that does not require much effort. I can appreciate that not everyone can sit still on the floor for 20 minutes, let alone hours—I certainly can’t. For those who do not enjoy meditating, this just might be perfect for you.  In this highly regenerative meditative state you can restore and rejuvenate your body, heal and recover from illness, re-wire your brain for greater mental and emotional balance and resiliency, and improve sleep.

The process of Yoga Nidra is practiced in a comfortable lying down position. You are guided through a series of breathing exercises and simple instructions. Some of these include visual imagery or a scan of the body, which occupies the mind and prevents it from becoming involved in the usual mind-chatter that absorbs our ordinary consciousness. Within a short time, you become submerged in the alpha state (the period just prior to sleep; also known as our “right brain” activity, or our subjective senses of imagination, creativity, memory and intuition.)

Yoga Nidra puts you in a state of deep sleep while you remain conscious and typically awake. Some refer to it as ‘Yogic Sleep’.  It brings an amazing clarity of mind, calmness and stillness. Tension and anxiety melt away with a profound experience of muscular, mental, and emotional relaxation. It is one of the deepest forms of meditation leading to supreme quietness and insight. During a Yoga Nidra session, you leave your waking state, go through the dreaming state and into deep sleep state, yet may remain fully awake. Some say that restorative power of just one hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 4 hours of healthy sleep.

Yoga Nidra and Optimal Health

Yoga Nidra offers a passive way to neutralize the damage and lower the risk of disease conditions. Unconscious thinking patterns and resulting biochemical states contribute to ill health, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and trauma. All of these conditions contribute to chronic diseases, including cancer. Some of my favorite meditations are by Lizzy Hill. Her voice guides you to ultimate relaxation, releasing stress and tension in the body. She asks you to begin with an affirmation (an intention). She says intentions are like seeds planted in soil. You can say things like ‘I am healthy and happy’ or ‘I am confident and strong’.

Think happy and healthy thoughts. Believe you can be healthy, that you are healthy.  Your mind will hear this as will the universe. For more on affirmations, please read The Power of Affirmations in Cancer Healing.

Yoga Nidra and Blissful Sleep

One of my favorite meditations to improve sleep and mood is Deep Sleep Meditation with Affirmations: Unstoppable Courage, Confidence & Inner Power | Delta Beats by Kenneth Soares. He starts with guided meditation then moves into empowering affirmations and ends with binaural beats* for deep sleep. This meditation is perfect for those who struggle to fall asleep or have trouble staying asleep. It is perfect even if you don’t. When Soares guides you to take the third breath, I would like to ask you to add a special visualization. He tells you to imagine cleansing your body from head to toe–I love this. I would like to suggest you also envision all of the unhealthy cells in your body washing away at the same time, exiting through the soles of your feet. Very powerful.

If you are like me, you will fall asleep before the affirmations start. They are intentionally low in volume, but you can still hear them when wearing headphones and you don´t need to consciously pay attention to them. Your subconscious mind will absorb and reinforce the words while awake or in deep sleep (use headphones if you want to benefit from the binaural beats and the affirmations).

beach Peace

Most meditations are completely free—you can listen to them anytime on YouTube.  I recommend you lie on the floor close enough to your computer to hear them, but far enough away from damaging EMFs. Place a small pillow under your head and one under your knees, and perhaps cover yourself with a blanket. You may wish to record the session ahead of time to play bedside (never have a computer or cellphone bedside). You can use a common tape recorder for this. If you listen to this via your computer or phone and wish to wear headphones, be sure they are radiation-free (air-tube).  I use Smart Safe headsets. Cell phone radiation exposure increases when using wired hands-free headsets. EchoTubeZ® radiation free air tube headset blocks 98% of your cell phones radiation emission to your head.

Radiation-Free-Air-Tube-Headset-Stereo-Blue1-1024x706Use this code for 10% off on all orders: MHPQMWSMS4KS. 

You can also reduce EMF exposure by using tech that harmonizes EMFs so they are less damaging to the body.


Summary of Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

  • helps relieve anxiety, stress, and pain
  • may promote healthy sleep
  • may improve memory and concentration
  • suitable for any level of experience
  • helps stimulate creativity
  • enhances healing
  • helps establish a connection with your inner self
  • helps strengthen the immune system
  • helps you find the sense of happiness, harmony, and inner peace
  • helps balance emotions
  • uplifting and energizing

May I remind you to never overlook the power of the sea–it helps offset the damages from EMFs and restores the mind, body, and soul. May the light from above shine down on you, the sand embrace your toes, and the sea rejuvenate you (okay, so added that here as I didn’t have a photo of Yoga Nidra and it is such a restorative photo 🙂 )

You may also enjoy my article on the power of sound: Healing Cancer: One Note at a Time. Be sure to wear headphones for this as well.

*Regarding binaural beats: Creating the vibrations of sound through music changes brainwave patterns in ways that triggers healing.  As each ear receives its own unique musical note, the sound waves move toward each other and synchronize to produce a new musical note that the brain perceives.  The practice in which sound wave stimuli are purposefully used to alter brainwaves in this matter is called brain wave entrainment (BWE).  Preliminary evidence suggests that BWE is effective in several cognitive domains and can relieve acute and long-term stress, reduce pain, headaches, migraines, and PMS and improve behavior, but may go well beyond.

In your good health,


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This information is for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation to forgo medical advice and treatment.  Yoga Nidra and this post in general are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. This post does not represent medical advice nor should it be considered to be medical advice or a replacement for medical advice.  I encourage you to discuss this information with your integrative oncologist, naturopathic doctor, or conventional oncologist. The information provided is from my research and not to be taken as scientific evidence.

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