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Silver: The Antidote to Superbugs and EMF Radiation

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Worried about Cononavirus and other scary bugs? The answer may lie in silver. Silver is not only an antidote to superbugs, but may well protect you from EMF (Electromagnetic) radiation.

Silver, A Highly Conductive Material with Healing Properties

Silver is a highly conductive material with healing properties. It has been used for centuries to treat various conditions, and was considered the most powerful antimicrobial agent available before the introduction of antibiotics.[i] It has been used both topically and orally.

Silver wound dressings have been used to treat local infections and prevent systemic spread, particularly for patients with burn wounds.  Used internally, colloidal silver is known to boost and maintain a healthy immune system. Silver has the ability to fight and destroy antibiotic-resistant super-bugs. Studies also show that colloidal silver induces apoptosis (death) of the cancer cells for many patients suffering from various kind of cancer, including MCF-7 human breast cancer.*  Find colloidal silver HERE.

Colloidal silver has been shown to be an effective holistic antibiotic against nearly all known bacteria and viruses. It comes in a handy, purse-size spray. Buy the spray HERE.

Silver-Lined EMF Blocking Tee Shirts for Men and Women

When ionizing radiation interacts with the human body, its energy is transferred to tissues, where a range of damaging biological effects, including cancer, can occur. Given we cannot avoid EMF radiation, shielding and mitigation strategies are necessary.

“The danger of radiation is always present, whether you’re in orbit, in transit, or on a planetary surface,” said Ruthan Lewis, a Goddard architect and engineer for NASA’s human spaceflight program. “From mitigation techniques to protection and enclosures, we’re considering this in every environment astronaut will be in.”[ii]

“As mentioned previously, ionizing radiation is a serious problem that can cause damage to all parts of the body including the central nervous system, skin, gastrointestinal tract, skeletal system, and the blood forming organs.”[iii]

A company called Lambs created a solution that would allow us to keep using technology without putting our health at risk or changing our habits. They made radio-protective clothing. According to the folks at Lambs, their newest item, Meteor T-shirt is the first garment inspired by NASA space suit technology. Since astronauts traveling in space are highly exposed to radiation (up to about 4,000 chest X-rays per trip) space suits were designed to be radiation-proof. Lambs used the same technology and integrated it into a T-shirt for men and women. The tees are embedded with a radiation-blocking layer of silver fibers. They are soft, lightweight, breathable, antibacterial, and UV blocking.

Right now, you can get these T-shirts for 25% off (only 1000 being sold at the discounted price), and the rest of their site for 15% off. They make awesome boxer briefs and beanies to protect your privates and your brain. Use this Link and code Elyn Jacobs. 

For more radioprotectors, please read Simple Solutions for EMF Radiation Protection 

Cononavirus is just one of the many viruses and superbugs threatening our health and our sanity.  EMFs from 5G and other technology are not going away.  Colloidal silver and silver-lined clothing just might be able to offer some countermeasures.

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