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So, You Think MRIs are Safe? Think Again

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MRIs, considered to be safer than CT scans that use powerful damaging x-rays (which is likely true), are not as safe as you think. MRIs use strong magnetic fields and some radio-frequency pulses to produce detailed images of structures in the body. While MRIs do not use ionizing radiation such as one receives from x-rays, they are far from harmless, especially when contrast agents are used.

Gadolinium, a para-magnetic toxic heavy metal ion, is often used in the contrast agent that enhances the quality of MRI scans. It was originally thought that gadolinium would chemically bond with non-metal ions when used during MRIs which would allow it to be eliminated from your body before it is released into tissues. However, recent research shows that gadolinium may not be immediately eliminated and may instead persist in your body.[i]  It is unknown at this time what the heightened risks may be, but repeated exposure to gadolinium could cause hyper-intensity in the brain which is linked to multiple sclerosis, liver dysfunction, and other adverse reactions.

Gadolinium has caused problems with cognition, vision, candida overgrowth, bone pain, skin and subcutaneous burning pain, brain fog problems, ringing of the ears, impaired liver function, and discoloration of the skin. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) in patients with impaired renal (kidney) function has also been reported. Women who have had MRIs to the breast report breast pain, brain pain, pain behind the eyeballs, deep pain in the bones, dizziness, itching, difficulty swallowing, muscle issues, and weakness in limbs. Some researchers believe that gadolinium poisoning is even worse than lead poisoning.

For some, it takes only one MRI with gadolinium to feel the side effects. For others, it is dose-dependent with the accumulation of toxins which interfere with the body’s normal functioning, including the ability to excrete those toxins.

Gadolinium in the News

Patients are taking notice, thanks to people such as actor Chuck Norris, whose wife Gena developed gadolinium issues after a series of MRIs. Gena reported a burning pain throughout her body, violent shaking, numbness, weakness, kidney damage and trouble breathing. Gena filed a $10 million lawsuit against the manufactures and distributors of gadolinium. Sharon Williams, one of the founders of The Lighthouse Project, developed a rash on her lower legs, high blood pressure, and severe pain in her brain after a series of MRIs (some given just to investigate her growing list of symptoms!).

Detoxing from Gadolinium

Chelation therapies such as EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) are one option to remove gadolinium from the body. EDTA is best done under the supervision of a doctor as the chelating agent can also remove important nutrients such as calcium and zinc from the body. Another option is to use herbs such as cilantro, garlic, chlorella, and supplements such as Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC). Saunas and Epsom salt baths as well as drinking plenty of water can also be helpful.

While there is certainly a time and place for MRIs, change is needed. Safer contrast agents are necessary. Doctors and patients should weigh the risks and patients need to be informed of the serious risks before a decision is made to order an MRI scan that uses a gadolinium contrast agent.

While the dangers of MRIs are not ‘new news’, I have worked with many clients who were unaware of the dangers of them (as well as CTs, bone scans, mamos, etc.), so I thought it important to post this message. Please consider less invasive scanning whenever possible (sonograms, cancer marker tests, Circulating Tumor Count tests, and the like).

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