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Fighting COVID-19

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[Editor’s note] This post has been updated.

Many have asked me just how Pao Pereira and  OnKobel-Pro® work against COVID-19. From what I have learned, they reduce the viral load and block the enzyme that replicates the genome of the virus. RealBuild and  IMMUNOBEL-Pro®are anti-inflammatories that boost the immune system and can be helpful for anyone undergoing or post chemo, surgery, or radio-therapy. They also help protect the lungs from the virus.

Many of us are monitoring the updates on the repercussions of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). The best antidote to fear is to be proactive. It is very important to safeguard your health by supporting your immune system in every way possible. This includes eating well and reducing stress. It also includes fighting the virus with supportive supplements that have immune-boosting, antiviral abilities.

My hope is that you and your loved ones are prepared for COVID-19. Below is some information from the Beljanski Foundation I hope you will find helpful. Pao periera ( from the bark of pao periera trees in the Amazonian rain forest), has potent anti-viral properties and is believed to target RNA viruses such as COVID-19. (Note, for those of my clients taking Onkobel for cancer, this contains pao periera.  Read more about Onkobel and cancer).

It is easy to get overwhelmed with COVID-19 and the related news. If you are glued to the television or struggling with the stress of COVID-19-related loss of income, it is important to know you are not alone. Balance the stress by doing things you enjoy.  Relax in the sun, read a book, paint, or do something else that suits you. Healthy outlets reduce the toxic stress load and boost the immune system.

Beyond the basics of eating well and getting enough exercise and sleep, consider deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and sound therapy. And please, get your tech devices out of your bedroom and off your body. Turn off all devices at least an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

Other anti-viral strategies include high-dose vitamin C (including IVC and liposomal C) as well as colloidal silver and olive leaf extract.

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~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~

The Beljanski Foundation is committed to providing support and timely information during this period of uncertainty and unknown. Over the next few days and weeks we will share recent scientific research in order to arm you with what you need to stay educated about what your immune system needs to stay healthy today and always.

To that end we want (below) to explain what we know about COVID-19. You will see tagged, related scientific research along with statements. Please take some time to read through as much as you can and reach out to us with any additional questions.

What does COVID-19 resemble?

As soon as studies reported that sequences in the coronavirus COVID-19 genome closely resemble those of the HIV virus (1) (2), pharmaceutical companies rushed to see how to “recycle” their stock of anti-HIV drugs and find a new application for their aging patents.

What will our bodies respond to?

Those who are looking for a natural and non-toxic approach to fighting the coronavirus outbreak will be happy to learn that in 1994, a clinical trial concluded the safety and effectiveness of the pao pereira extract (called the “PB 100” era by Dr. Mirko Beljanski and is now known as Pao V “FM”, in memory of former French President François Mitterrand. This product helped Mitterrand finish his second term, as reported by Dr. Gubler in his book – prohibited – “the Big Secret”). This clinical trial, the results of which were published (4), concluded that this natural extract had improved the immune status of an HIV positive population followed in the hospital for 12 months, and had been very well tolerated.

This result was hardly surprising, since it is a part of years of research conducted by Dr. Mirko Beljanski and his team on multiple RNA viruses, all treated with pao pereira.

Thanks to the work of The Beljanski Foundation, pao pereira’s activity on many cancers, including prostate (even metastasized), ovarian), pancreatic, and even on cancer stem cells responsible for metastases, has now been the topic of numerous pre-clinical studies and confirmed by many universities throughout the world.

What kind of virus is it?

However, pao pereira’s activity in the field of cancer should not, during this difficult period, make us forget its remarkable anti-viral properties on many RNA viruses. Remember, there is still a lot that we do not know about the Coronavirus COVID-19, and in particular its long-term effects, there is at least one thing that we know: it is an RNA virus.  Buy pao pereira.

UPDATE: Today during an interview with President Trumps COVID-19 task force in the Rose Garden, expert Dr Deborah Birx explained that for sure, COVID-19 is an RNA virus.


Dr Deborah Birx , Trump COVID-19 Task Force

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