Radical Remission Online Healing Course

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My colleague Kelly Turner PhD is offering a new online course, “Radical Remission: Applying the 9 Healing Factors Into Your Own Life”.  This is an opportunity you will not want to miss.


Book now! It’s 20% off only until April 1st, and my followers will get an extra 10% off if they sign up with this link:  I encourage you to check it out! The regular course price is $245, but if you book by April 1st, the price is only $175.

This discount offer has expired, but the course is still available. 

You may also want to read Dr Turner’s book, Turner_RadicalRemRadical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.  This is a much overdue book, one that brings awareness and validity to the true extent of radical remissions—remission achieved without the use of conventional medicine or even after conventional medicine has failed. Turner shows that there really is hope, even in situations that seem hopeless.  You will learn that there are options well beyond the ‘white coat’, and that the possibilities for healing are more abundant than we have been told.   I love that Turner explains that there are a vast variety of paths to wellness. She also lists the 9 commonalities that people have used to heal from their cancer–factors such as diet, stress, emotions, spirituality, and others that profoundly affect our health and well-being.  Listen to Dr Turner on my radio show.


View my video with Dr Turner : Natural Alternatives to Tamoxifen 


~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~

Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor and holistic cancer strategist who helps people make better, healthier, non-toxic choices. She emphasizes the critical nature of addressing the root cause of cancer and not just its presenting symptoms (such as the tumor). Elyn specializes in understanding the role of estrogen in breast cancer and debunks the myths associated. She brings a plethora of knowledge to her practice and will help you think outside the box so you can incorporate every lifeline you may need for long term survival. Elyn is a Contributing Editor for The Truth About Cancer and was creator and host of the Survive and Live Well Radio Show on the Cancer Support Network. She is on the Medical Advisory Board for BeatCancer.Org and is on the Advisory Board to the Radical Remission Project. Contact Elyn via her website, www.elynjacobs.com. Elyn offers consults via Skype, phone or in person.

  1. Great response sent to my email today “I am LOVING the Kelly classes, and am going to have the “Chris Beat Cancer Giant Salad” for dinner every night this week”

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