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Cellular Healing: The Often-Overlooked Remedy for Chronic Disease

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Healers are amazing souls. I am a strong believer in the power of healers- so gifted in their ability to address many chronic diseases. Some are energy healers, and others are psychic surgeons, masters of the Emotion Code, or extremely talented and Reiki healers who administer healing by “laying on hands”, but also without touch and even remotely.  These people are all truly gifted. The healer I would like to highlight today is Mike Carey, who has been given a unique gift to be able to tap into cellular memory to find the cause of health issues and the natural remedies to resolve them.

What is Cellular Memory?

Cellular memory and the electricity of the body can be used to determine the cause and the natural remedy for many chronic diseases. It is a library storehouse of everything that has ever happened to you in your life, and the key to your healing.

Asking the body questions is a way of accessing that memory.  It can be done verbally, or by just thinking the question, because thoughts are a frequency as well as voice, and frequencies travel through the air or over the phone line. The body responds to the frequency of the question and it also responds to the frequency of the products used to correct the health problem. It allows healers to tap in and discover anything about you on a physical, emotional or energetic level, or to tap into your subconscious mind right down to a cellular level.

Healing the Body with Frequencies

I first met Mike over seven years ago when he healed me of several issues by tapping into my cellular memory. Since then he has found that frequencies are the key. They travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) so he can treat people almost instantly, anywhere in the world by putting the frequency of the needed remedy right into their cells. For example, it used to take 5-7 days to rebuild the adrenal glands when a person has adrenal exhaustion.  Now, it takes about 30-40 minutes. To fix an Occipital bone that is out used to take 2 days. Now it takes 2 minutes. 

Healer Mike Carey

Mike also discovered he can do second level testing and treating, which basically means he can test and treat people through them because the body knows its frequency. This is great, especially for people who might not be open to working with healers (which often prohibits healing as energy is blocked). People can be tested and treated without them even knowing it. What an incredible gift. I find it all so fascinating.

Mike can do the testing over the phone via his toll-free number (from the US and Canada) or via Skype. This is possible because everything in the universe works by electricity and frequencies, including your body and phone.  Frequencies also travel through the air or we would not have GPS, WIFI, or those little key fobs that open your car door. To clarify, Mike first has to hear a person’s voice on the phone or in person in order to test them. When that happens, his body records the frequency of their body and then after that, he can test them by email. He has been doing this type of testing for the over 30 years.

For more information, please visit Mike’s website: https://www.alternativesolutions4health.info/

Please be sure to read his “Little Known Amazing Health Facts”, which I found fun and enlightening to read.


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