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Everyday Toxins In Our Household

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Have questions on what common household products fuel breast cancer? Join Lilly and I in the Lillian Mc Dermott Classroom, When You Need a Friend, Thursday, November 4th  at 12:05 pm EST. The show will be live at 12:05pm EST, on both Facebook and YouTube. Hope to see you there!

REPLAY LINK ON FACEBOOK You can also find it on YouTube BitChute.

Here is the link to Keep Me Safe Organic Cosmetics that Lilly and I discussed- KMSO. For more information on BPA and what you can do about it, read my post on BPA.

Also, I have started a new private group on Facebook, Cancer Coach Elyn. If interested, you can visit it HERE. Please do not forget to answer the group questions if you would like to join.


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