What You Need to Know About 5G: It’s Here!

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5G…It’s Coming, It’s Already Here. It’s Not Going Away! is the title of an article in the September edition of Dental Truth. The article contains an interview with William Cadwallader, a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, and author of Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself – Includes Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices . In the interview Cadwallader explains 5G (the fifth-generation cellular network technology) and the dangers of electromagnetic radiation frequencies (EMFs).

The new type of higher microwave frequency in 5G is not entirely new, as it is used in medicine and in airport security, but it is new for widespread, unavoidable, continuous general public exposure.

To summarize the interview, Cadwallader talks about how the cell phone industry is installing over two million small cells throughout the United States. The CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) claims we as a nation must “do everything we can to maintain our wireless leadership.” While that might sound interesting, it does not take into consideration the potential serious health effects of 5G.

Cadwallader points out that in September 2017, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries appealed to the EU for a 5G moratorium and asserted that: “5G will substantially increase exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3g,4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RR-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

Unfortunately, the appeal was ignored and the roll-out in Europe and the US began. 5G will be everywhere, on every block in every city, and there will be no way to avoid it.

EMFs have been found to damage DNA and compromise the blood brain barrier (BBB). According to Cadwallader, according to studies done in 2008 and 2012, “The permeability of the BBB is increased resulting in dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that were never intended to enter the brain now having access”. EMFs also weaken the immune system and do so much more. The non-ionizing radiation in wireless radiation interferes with oxidative repair mechanisms, creating oxidative stress and altering DNA which can lead to cancer. To read more about the dangers, please visit my post Why EMF Exposure is a BIG DEAL and my other articles listed below.

How to Protect Yourself from 5G 

As one cannot escape the growing presence of EMFs and because it is impossible to function in the world without technology, it is important to take measures to reduce exposure. I speak of many of these in my posts (see below), but here are some of Cadwallader’s recommendations:

  1. Move all electronic devices as far away as possible at night (radiation travels through the air, from wires, and through walls)
  2. Always use speaker phone (your phone is always trying to connect to a cell tower)
  3. Turn OFF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and turn on Airplane Mode when carrying your devices. Never use a Bluetooth wireless ear piece or headphones (they generate radiation even when not on a call or playing music)
  4. Remove any Wi-Fi router from your bedroom and living areas and if possible, turn it OFF at night if it is in your home office
  5. Hard-wire everything you can, including your printer, computer, keyboard, etc.
  6. Replace cordless phones with corded land-line phones
  7. Turn on Airplane Mode with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth OFF when you don’t need an internet connection
  8. Leave the room IF you use a microwave oven or better  yet, get rid of it
  9. Avoid using portable devices on your lap and turn all electronics off when not in use

In my previous posts (see below) I list various foods, supplements, and products that can help offset some of the risks of EMFs. Two more reputable products that I have come across are SafeSleeve anti-radiation cases for your phone and Lambs radiation-proof and anti-EMF underwear to protect your privates and testosterone levels (as featured in Mens’s Health, Forbes, GQ, and more). You may laugh at that one, but it is important to protect your privates (and ladies, need I remind you to keep your phone out of your bra and pockets? Lambs for ladies coming soon). In 2012 when I heard Dr Devra Davis, PhD, author of Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, speak about the dangers of cellphones (I then interviewed her on my radio show as well as Lloyd Burrell, another EMF expert), she spoke of how in Israel they have signs over urinals reminding men not to carry their cellphones in their front pants pockets. The goal of the sign was to protect fertility, but it applies for so many reasons. Her book sold out completely at the conference, attended mostly by fellow PhD’s and medical doctors, and nurses. There are some good studies on the  SafeSleeve and Lambs sites as well as information on the dangers associated with wireless radiation. lambs

Many thanks to Cadwallader and the folks at Dental Truth/DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) for sharing this valuable information. To become a member of DAMS, email them at dams@usfamily.net and visit them at http://www.amalgam.org.

For a 15% discount on Lambs radio-protective underwear for men, use this LINK and the code ElynJacobs.

For more information on the dangers of EMFs and protection, please visit Cadwallader’s website StopDirtyElectricity.com and the following articles:

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Survive and Live Well Podcasts:

Dr Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH shares with us the truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family

Lloyd Burrell, EMF expert, talks about EMF’s and Your Health

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